The "Seebäder" ships

The Seebäder ship need 2 and a half hours from cuxhaven till the highsea isle Helgoland. In Cuxhaven, the new Helgoland ship is all year to "On Ferry" (South Haven). Background for this required transformation are new requirements in terms of barrier-free travel and the transport of cargo.

Departure in Cuxhaven at 10:30am, departure from Helgoland at 4pm. Special tours are available, please note the timetable!


To the timetable of Seebäder ship


The new Helgoland ship

The shipping company Cassen Eils is working on a new ship. Modernity and tradition meets eachother. Welcome on board in season 2016! Maybe :)


MS "Atlantis"

With classical seaside charm and flair the coaster "Atlantis" brings you to the isle of Helgoland.

"Fair Lady"


With speed, security and reliability - We bring you the whole year to Helgoland and back.

The catamaran "Halunder Jet"

The "Halunder Jet" needs for the passage only ish 75 minutes and is much faster than the other ships. At the time from 25 march till 1st of november 2015 the catamaran is working for you.

On tuesdays and thursdays it has a longer stay on Helgoland, because the catamaran on these days leaves the island later:

Departure in Cuxhaven / Alte Liebe at 11:15 am, arrival on Helgoland ish 12:30pm.

At 5pm the "Halunder Jet" leaves the isle of Helgoland to drive to Cuxhaven, estimated arrival around 6:15pm.

On all other days the "Halunder Jet" starts at 11:30am and arrives Helgoland at 12:45pm. At 4:30pm it goes back direction mainland, there the catamaran arrives at around 5:45pm o'clock.

Please notice the complete timetable, individual changes and special tours are available!

The timetable of the catamaran